I invented so many words, I eventually needed to write a glossary for myself to keep up with the new language. So I thought maybe some readers might enjoy seeing it. I am not sure how I will publish it yet – maybe in keeping with the serialised format, a little as I go along is most realistic for getting it up at all. The writing is so much fun, but it’s all the editing and the tech that’s tough! *As the Glossary and Extra Content are locked, you will need to subscribe to my MAILING LIST and RSS feed to get an unlocking code. Just send an e-mail with “please subscribe me” to: subscribe@luciuseverafter.com and I’ll send you a code that will unlock both when they are ready. (Soon as I can.)
**I WON’T SPAM YOU – I don’t have the time, understanding, or interest to. I hate spam and I am too busy writing.
Thanks for sticking with me,
With Love – Tatyana


{when the digital book is ready, you’ll ‘click’ here to open it}