This series is a derivative. It is a fan fiction. It makes me happy. I have written it for the love of writing, with the full knowledge that I will not be able to sell it and with no plan to… Although most of the characters are mine and the writing is of course mine, I have included some characters, concepts and basic background plot that belong to J.K. Rowling. I make no claim to any of Rowling’s original work, or claim that my ideas and additions are a replacement for her phenomenally well known and frequently re-worked original writings. Although I would love above many things, to claim Lucius Malfoy –or at least my determined idea of who he really is– for my own, I know that I cannot. And while it has been suggested to me more than once, to make some simple changes to my story in order to make it more ‘respectable’, I respect the characters and the writer herself too much to simply change the names and paint over a little background; perhaps this is folly, but there you have it.

Tatyana Valda Belinda Hill

24 December 2014