BROWSER ALERT!! – March 2019… Please read all books in the desktop SAFARI BROWSER only until technical update issues/glitches with CHROME and FIREFOX browsers are solved. (The digital books do not work or look as they should in browsers other than Safari for the moment.)

Read “Angelcake

…first in the series

{ click book or here to open }

*Digital Book Help

TEXT SIZE: Once you have clicked through to the book there are 3 DIFFERENT CONTROLS ALONG TOP to adjust the  text size to suit you reading comfort.

OPTION 1: a)Click the “Full Screen” button (second from right) and then b)use the ‘Zoom In” (magnifying glass icon 2nd from left). After you hit the “Zoom In” magnifying glass, c) you can use the fine-tune slider.  Drag the (-/+) slider back & forth to increase or decrease text size.

*use the escape (“esc”) button to  exit full screen mode.

OPTION 2: Same as option 1, but omit going full screen. Just Use the “zoom In” and the fine tune +/- slider  (option 1 is nicer in my opinion, but if you don’t know where your escape (‘esc’) button is in order to exit full screen mode, best not to use the feature.

BOOK POSITIONING : Use the curser of your track pad or mouse to click and drag to the book around in order to position it to a comfortable reading  position as you go. (There is also a hand button tool along the top – I think this is if you don’t have a track pad or mouse as it does nothing on the devices I’ve checked.)

*TABLE OF CONTENT: This button along the top is a very useful and easy to use feature for jumping to a certain chapter. To close the feature, simply click the tiny “x” in the top right of the Table of Content panel itself, or click the same button icon you used to open the panel  again. Located 5th in from right (the icon looks like 3 dot-dash lines).

PAGE TURNING: the arrow keys along the top buttons or the big arrows at the far sides of the screen turn pages. Click them forward or backward. **Don’t forget that the book shows 2 pages at a time (a spread)** so you only need to turn the page after you’ve read both pages in the spread… In most cases (unless you have a gigantic monitor) once you’ve zoomed-in, you will need to move the book around to read the 2nd page of the spread (as with a real book). Just Use your mouse to move over to the other side of the spread

(You can also manually ‘turn’ the pages as with a real book, but I think it kind of takes a bit too much effort.

BOOKMARK: As I publish in serialised format, uploading every week, it is unlikely the bookmark function will keep your place after each new upload.  I announce on social pages which chapters are the new chapters, so you can use the table of content to zoom to new chapters. However, the bookmark function should remember your page at least until I upload fresh the following week, for those not reading the whole weekly upload in one sitting.